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Kamran Agayev’s Oracle Blog

My presentation at TROUG 2011(Turkish Oracle User Group)

Posted by Kamran Agayev A. on June 22, 2011

Two monthes ago at 21 April (2011), I attended TROUG (Turkish Oracle User Group) conference at Istanbul (Bahçeşehir University), the second city I love after Baku which is my hometown. The trip was wonderful, I met with the best Oracle Gurus of Turkey such as Tonguc Yilmaz (Oracle ACE), Husnu Sensoy (Oracle ACE Director) , Zekeriya Besiroqlu (Oracle ACE), Gokhan Atil, Emre Baransel, Ferhad Sengonul, Yasin Saygili (Oracle ACE) and others. Moreover, I also met the worldwide Oracle Guru – Jonathan Lewis and had a great dinner with him.

I also made a presentation with Zekeriya Besiroqlu. If you know Turkish language, you can watch it from the following link:

This is not the full video, I’ll try to post the full version in the near future

One Response to “My presentation at TROUG 2011(Turkish Oracle User Group)”

  1. orawiss said

    Merhaba Kamran,

    Great job! I am proud of you. keep it working my brother 🙂

    Thank you,

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