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Kamran Agayev’s Oracle Blog

Video Tutorial – Installing OEL and Oracle 10gR2

Posted by Kamran Agayev A. on April 25, 2010

In this video tutorial I demonstrate the installation of OEL (Oracle Enterprise Linux) and Oracle Database 10gR2 on the virtual machine


To download the .mp4 format of the video tutorial, use the following link:



25 Responses to “Video Tutorial – Installing OEL and Oracle 10gR2”

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  2. Nice Video tutorial:)

    Azar S

  3. Ulfat said

    Well done!!!

  4. Khurana said

    Thanks a lot Sir but one concern.

    What if i do not want to use DHCP. Because if i want to connect to Virtual machine through putty running on host OS The IP address will keep on changing(every time i reboot my Laptop) and that’s really irritating.


  5. Hi Kamran, video tutorial is nice, however few remarks :
    1. You set 1024Mb RAM, looks very short in memory nowadays
    2. You did not configure a fixed IP address, whereas DHCP is most often not recommanded, even for tersting purpose. And consequently, what about a “remote” access (and/or remote Oracle installation as most often we are doing) ?
    3. What about the package oracle-validated-1 (Base System/System tools) ?
    4. What about the DVD instead of the CD from OEL installer ?

    Keep it up,


  6. Hi Dear Nicolas. Welcome to my blog and thank you for your comment

    1. Sure it’s less, but as I’ve 3 GB RAM on my laptop and I frequently use two virtual machines together, I give 1GB per virtual machine (it makes 2) and one for PC. It should be increased as well
    2. It’s also possible and sure it’s nice choice. But I wanted to make the tutorial more less and to be quickly performed
    3. By installing rpm package it will create oracle user, change some parameters and would make the installation easier. However, I decided to show the steps making all changes manually because the user may test the procedures described in the Red-Hat or CentOS
    4. I’ve downloaded the DVD more than 5 times and each time I got it corrupted. So didn’t use it

    Thanks again for your valuable comments Nicolas

  7. Shan said

    Hi Kamran, I am totally new to Oracle and found your blog trough google and i really believe that your blog is going to be an excellent help to me. To start with, shall I install Oracle on OEL or CentOS. Since I cant afford thr Oracle’s pad support, I thought of CentOS. With me, I have both OEL & CentOS DVD. What are your suggestions as you covered step by steps for both? – A professional advice is much appreciated.

  8. Dear Shan

    I’d suggest you use OEL instead of CentOS. You can use my video tutorial with step by step explanation

  9. maung said

    good tutorial. Appreciated and thanks for share knowledge.

  10. You’re welcome Maung

  11. Learner said


    Nice tutorial… although i still need to do the actual installation. Few quetionsi have for u :

    1) How did you get VMWAre software ? Is it free ? If it’s not free then what other alternative do i have ?
    2) Also how did you get VM ware Tools , is it free ?

  12. VMware is not free, however you can download and use it in 30 days. As an alternative, I can suggest you VirtualBox (http://www.virtualbox.org/)
    VMware tools comes with VMware installation

  13. Learner said

    Hi Kamran,

    Thanks for the info. I have successfully installed OEL on VirtualBox , initially i ignored the packages which u mentioned in your video to un-check , and faced some issues, so later on i followed and checked/unchecked linux packages as u suggested in the tutorial.

    Since it’s pretty late over here , will do the db install tomorrow first thing in the morning. One thing i wanted to ask in your tutorial u have made some kernel paramter and env. variable changes, …..can u tell me the exact website url for that parameter text file or do i have to create that paramter file manually while watching video.

    Sorry i could not locate that text file on ur blog.



  14. You can get these parameters from the following link:

  15. Egbodo Peter Odeh said

    Thanks very much for ur video tutorial, it has helped me in installing oracle 10g successfully. God bless you. i wish you have a video tutorial on how to use ASM in 10g. Meanwhile, while i was typing this text, God laid heavy in my heart to tell you if you are not yet born again to give your life Jesus Christ. it might be that he so much love you. please give Him a trial.

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  18. Elchin A. said

    slm Kamran muellim.
    men oracle`in yuklenmesinde bir problemle qarsilasdim.xeta niye gore bas verdi tapa bilmedim.
    buraya qeder her sey normal geldi ama buraki scriptleri yazanda asagidaki kimi fayli tapa bilmir. bunun sebebi ne olabiler?

    [oracle@localhost ~]$ su root
    [root@localhost oracle]# cd /home/oracle/oraInventory/
    [root@localhost oraInventory]# ./orainstRoot.sh
    Changing permissions of /home/oracle/oraInventory to 770.
    Changing groupname of /home/oracle/oraInventory to oinstall.
    The execution of the script is complete
    [root@localhost oraInventory]# cd $ORACLE_HOME/
    [root@localhost /]# ./root.sh
    bash: ./root.sh: No such file or directory

  19. Salam Elchin

    Gorunduyu kimi cd $ORACLE_HOME edende Oracle Home directory-sine kecmemisen, cunki $ORACLE_HOME environment variable “oracle” user-i ucun “set” olunub. Root user-i ile girende $ORACLE_HOME bilinmeyen bir deyiskendi. Sen ORACLE_HOME direktoriyasina kec ve root.sh-i ele calisdir

  20. Javid Yousef said

    Thank you very much dear Kamran.Its really useful video tutorial..keep up please…

  21. Shamil Mehdi said

    Gozel izah olunub, tesekkurler.

  22. akbar said

    hi wnt to know that oracle10g set2 patch can we download from any social network

  23. You can download Oracle 10gR2 directly from oracle.com , but if you want to download a special Patch or Patchset, you need to have a support contract

  24. Prateek Agrawal said

    why change in parameter required in these file before insatalling oracle
    /sbin/sysctl –p

  25. Dear Prateek

    Check the following link to get more information on why we change those parameters:

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