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Kamran Agayev’s Oracle Blog

RMAN Video Tutorial series – Performing Disaster Recovery with RMAN

Posted by Kamran Agayev A. on March 29, 2010

In this video tutorial I perform a disaster recovery of the database using two virtual machine with RMAN. Enjoy it

To download the .mp4 version of this file, use the following link


43 Responses to “RMAN Video Tutorial series – Performing Disaster Recovery with RMAN”

  1. Shafi said

    Thank you for this valuable tutorial…

  2. Ulfat said

    Good work.

  3. Good job,Great Sir.

  4. Ansari said

    Great tutorial.Can u post more backup and recovery scenario using RMAN


  5. […] RMAN Video Tutorial series – Performing Disaster Recovery w&#1110t&#1211 RMAN « Kamran A… […]

  6. Suhaib said

    Excellent video! Nicely explained!

  7. OracleLearner said


    thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  8. Denis said

    Thanks for the tutorial. it was very informative and a good review.

  9. Dear Ansari
    I’m currently working on preparing more interesting scenarios and demonstrations for RMAN backup and recovery techniques

  10. Thank you all for your comments

  11. Zaur Hajili said

    Super, thanx a lot for a tutorial. very useful.

  12. vips said

    Good job, well preseneted.

  13. Hi Kamran,

    Excellent tutorial!! Thank’s for sharing.


    Eduardo Legatti

  14. shahid said

    nice tutorial… thanx

  15. good presentation Kamran. Excellent job.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this tutorial.

  16. Thank you for your comment Rufat

  17. Raja.Govindan said

    Hello Kamran. Though I have experience with Oracle but not with RMAN and I had been given task to recreate a development from production rman backup copy. I was searching for some good examples and information to complete my task. Google gave your link fortunately. I found your vedio session was very much useful and very clear. I am certain that you excelled in your RMAN restoration tutorial better than Oracle corp. tutorials. Congratulations
    Thanking you very much for your tutorial.

  18. Thank you dear Raja for the kind words.

    I’m really happy that my video tutorials are helpful for you and for other DBAs around the world. It gives me inspiration to prepare another video tutorials on different areas of Oracle (Especially RMAN as I’m an author of upcoming RMAN book)

    Take care and check my Video Tutorials link frequently

  19. Oraclelearner said


    thanks again for sharing your knowledge(videos and tutorials). You have a lot of knowledge in Oracle database which I find you as a valuable source for Oracle newbies.



  20. ArtistePrasanna said

    I again Thank you Mr.Kamran.

    This video clarified my doubts and gave more insight on the recovery scenario. I (People like me) expect much more guidance from you on this particular aspect of using RMAN to its complete extent.

    Thanks a lot again.

  21. Dear Artiste

    I’m currently working on different video tutorials of RMAN scenarios and will post the new tutorial once it’s completed

  22. Khalid said

    very Nice video tutorial… thanks..
    But I have one question that is… if we have ASM disk (+FLASH) instead of flash_recovery_area for rman backup so how can we transfer this backupset to another machine…
    plz reply me ..


  23. GT said

    Thank you for the wonderful effort to let everyone know how RMAN works. I have some questions on this RMAN restore.
    Does this work the same way in Windows Server environment as well?
    I tried to set ORACLE_SID and tried to run RMAN on the DR but getting TNS 12560 error. Do we need to do any pre-checks before attempting to run RMAN to recover spfile and control file? Thanks for you help.

  24. Hi dear OP

    The only difference is you have to create a windows service using ORADIM utility before starting the DR process

    Good Luck

  25. GT said

    It worked as I was able to restore the database successfully on a new server after creating windows service using ORADIM. Thank you very much for the immediate response that made my day. Looking forward to see more tutorials from you. Thanks once again.

  26. You’re welcome and congratulations!

  27. sai said

    it was great and very useful thnx a lot

  28. Abdul Wahab said

    Dear Kamran,

    Great to share.

    Many Thanks to you

  29. Sachin Srivastava said

    Thanks a lot for sharing the detailed procedure, i’ve installed a fresh R12 instance on oracle enterprise linux (x-86 32 bit) but finding it difficult to start RMAN from the OS prompt. Please suggest me the way out..


  30. M. Mohammed said

    Excellent Work Kamran!

  31. Dear Sachin

    You can check the following link:

  32. Sachin Srivastava said

    Thanks a lot for sharing the detailed procedure, i’ve installed a fresh R12 instance on oracle enterprise linux (x-86 32 bit) but finding it difficult to start RMAN from the OS prompt. Please suggest me the way out..


  33. Sundar said

    Excellent Tutorial, very informative !!

    I have a question or rather doubt, how is this approach different than “duplicate target database”. Can’t we use this approach to clone or duplicate the database on other server.

    Much appreciated.


  34. suvajit said

    I never expected a goldmining vedio lik this. I am really appriciate for ur effort. The vedio is wonderful, very very well explained. Thank you sir.

  35. Thank you for feedback Suvajit

    Keep visiting my blog, as I try to post minimum one video tutorial per month

  36. Abdul Kalam said

    Dear Kamran,

    Excellent Video,

    Great effort in sharing ur Knowledge to DBA community.

    Abdul Kalam

  37. Rajesh Chakraborty said

    Dear Kamran vai,

    Awesome video,

    thank you for sharing such a helpful video for DBA people.

  38. Reynaldo Cruz Rijo said

    Thanks for this video, it was very helpful for me.
    Now, follow all steps, but im getting this error when i do the open resetlogs:
    RMAN-11003: failure during parse/execution of SQL statement: alter database open resetlogs
    ORA-01152: file 1 was not restored from a sufficiently old backup
    ORA-01110: data file 1: ‘/orainst/app/oracle/oradata/lanco/system01’

    I want open my database even with some data lost, but i need to openit in a consistent state.

    I’ll appreciate your help.

  39. Reynaldo Cruz Rijo said

    PD: Im making the exercise from an ASM to a FileSystem Based DB. All process goes fine but, alter database open resetlogs.

    Hope you can light me.

  40. Dear Reynaldo

    Check the following link:

  41. Please make sure you’ve followed all steps

  42. Balaji said

    Hi Kamran,

    This video has been a real help for me. I have tried the same steps what have showed in the video but for some reason my backup doesn’t have archivelog file in it. I have ensured it is in archivelog mode but still it doesnt help. Please advise. I have restored spfile file but i am unable to do controlfile. I dont even find the archivelog folder within backup folder

  43. christy said


    this was great but i’m still having a problem starting up rman to perform a restore on my new host, its giving me RMAN-00554,04005 error and also ORA-12560 error which i excepted because, as your video said, i should install ONLY the oracle software without configuring any database. Pls help anyone

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